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Some more birds on my morning walk....

This morning, I was walking and thinking about the baseball team that's named after the RED CARDINAL :

red cardinal 250509

I looked to up to see the amazing sight of a skein (it's a "skein" in the air, a "gaggle" on the ground) of CANADA GEESE fly past in the typical "V" formation

skein of canada geese 260509

It was uplifting to see them, and it wasn't only my head, but my spirits too, that was (were?) lifted up!

And then, as I continued my walk, I was able to spot (and actually photograph, before it flew off in a flash, in the drizzling rain), this beautiful BLUE JAY (there's also a baseball team named after it in Toronto, Canada!)...

blue jay 260509

Thanks for the id, chaibacca.

The crest that the wiki clearly shows, was probably wet in the rain...the bird was, quite literally, crestfallen! :)
Tags: birding, migration, photography, st louis, walk

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