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Written in the snow.....

It was great to see Oriental languages in the snow at Yosemite...

First, the Tamizh messages:

vazhga vaLamudan

"vAzhga vaLamudan" (may you live and prosper) says the message, adding "enjay" for good measure!

This one says "jOthi ishai" (light and music):

jOthi ishai snow

Apparently they were made by the Aradhya family:

aradhya family enjay

A major source of disappointment was this message in Kannada:

vinu heart deepa yosemite 300509

Vinu *heart* Deepa, it says. I never got to meet Vinu and test his/her truly *melting* love!

There was also this message in the Japanese/Chinese Kanji script:

kanji lettering 300509

Even asakiyume and wakanamori were not able to say what those characters mean!

So...oriental languages, and a message of love...who ever thought that I would see my own name in the snow in transient graffiti?
Tags: humour, photography, signboard, yosemite

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