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Preventive Padding...

OK, this is a Baby Post so those not interested can move on. Yes, there is the Aw Factor too.

Here's the local domestic leopard with its cub:

leopard and its cub 280509

You can tell that the leopard is quite disgusted with the frequency of nappy-changing, and has decided to put in a lot of extra stuff to prevent that:

preventive padding 280509

I burst into a fit of uncontrollable giggling first when I saw this, and second when she had to change the whole thing, and found that it only meant ALL those diapers to wash, not just one!

I suppose she thought she could go for a long time without changing Eli if she stuffed the diapers in by the dozen like that....that reminds me of the Sardarji who brought his bawling baby in to the paediatrician, and said she just would NOT stop crying. The paediatrician picked her up, grimaced in disgust, and said, "Mr Singh! How long is it since you changed the diapers on the baby?"

"But..." said the dad, "On the diaper package, it said, 18 to 25 pounds...."

On a more serious note, this broken doll lying on the pavement sidewalk reminded me of so many babies, who are NOT welcome, cherished, or treated well....some of them end up in orphanages, and some of them end up dead and found in trash can only speculate at the desperation of the mothers that leave babies like that.

broken doll 280509

(What happened to the pregnant, mentally-retarded beggar that anushsh saw, I wonder? What happened to her baby?)

Oh, well, back to more pleasant things...we occasionally put Eli on her tummy to prevent tummy-ache, and I could not resist this photograph:

bumgenius 0400609

OK, that's it, no more baby photos, I promise...for a few more days. Eli (mouse) for some unknown reason also become Biddly (no meaning at all) or Biddles....

Update: I loved the message on

this baby tee

Thank you, anushsh!
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