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Boating in Forest Park

We decided to take Eli (who has somehow become Biddles or Biddly) to Forest Park for an outing, and D had the idea of going boating. So that's what we we managed to put her baby carriage in the boat, feed her, change her in the paddleboat (where two people pedal like crazy) is a different story!

But one sight that I loved was this bouquet of birds under one of the bridges that we boated through:

nest under bridge 100609 fp boating

Those are BARN SWALLOWS, how lovely to see the fledglings like that! It was very dark, and so I had to use a flash, but that was the only shot that I took.

Another bridge also has a nest in the beginning stages of construction!

The fountains in the creek made a beautiful scene:

boating fountain fp 100609

Close up, too, the water was delicately coloured by both the twilight and the light:


St Louis, I must say, is a beautiful city to live in...and the weather has been very kind to us so far, with thunderstorms keeping down both the heat and humidity.Yesterday evening was the first time it felt a little humid...I hope bright sunshine and high heat/humidity keep off this summer!

I really do enjoy not having a maid, and doing everything's so much more convenient! I wish this was possible in India, but with the dust there, it would mean (and it DID mean, in the days I didn't have a maid) that I would spend all my free time dusting, sweeping and swabbing.... lack of dust is a major plus, I must say.

I have started music classes for one of A's friends...let's see how they go, and if the person concerned enjoys them and finds them helpful!
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