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Number Plate Saga...

If you are a qualified professional....

mba cpa no plate

(note...taken at the Hindu Temple)

You need to start earning your living...get into business....

in bsnz no plate

(morning walk)

Get some exclusive customers so that you have bespoke business...

bespoke 1 no plate

(evening walk)

If you want to be in fashion....

fashn 84 no plate

You need to be in the money, too....

money 64 no plate

(actually, these two number plates were following each other! A pointed them out to me.)

Otherwise you will be up the creek without a paddle, and you will need to be rescued...

river rsq no plate

(Taken in Yosemite)

And only the good God can help you!

allah no plate

(taken in the University city Loop...even after 9/11, there seems to be a fair amount of freedom here!)

Here's a number plate which reminded me of Y of Y who took me to Y:

yathin no plate

(evening walk)
Tags: humour, number plate, photography, signboard, st louis

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