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Plants and flowers of Yosemite

Thanks to Karen, I was able to id some of the wildflowers that grow in the Yosemite Park; they were so varied in colour, shape and size!

On Tenaya Lake, I loved the pattern this fallen tree-trunk made:

tree trunk pattern

Karen showed me this SNOW PLANT :

snow plant

This is called the SPICE FLOWER:

spice flower

This one, blooming at the beginning of summer, has a beautiful, slightly melancholy name...FAREWELL TO SPRING....

farewell to spring

Karen's youngest daughter is named after the LUPINE:


It also comes in white:

white lupine

This beauty is the CALIFORNIA BUCKEYE:

california buckeye 010609 SJ

At Mariposa Grove, we saw the GIANT SEQUOIAs: here's Yathin, slightly shorter thant one that's not all that old by Sequoia standards:

sequoia and yathin 310509

I liked the way this PINE CONE took on the appearance of a lotus!

cone lotus

These flowers, too, come out in Spring; Karen said they are a very special sight and are called SHOOTING STARS....

shooting stars


310509 bachelor's button

The SWEETPEA was a common flower:


I cannot recollect what Karen said this lovely flower was, will id it later!


This is the STRAWBERRY flower! I have never seen strawberries in the wild before....

strawberry flower 300509

The pattern these reeds made in Siesta Lake were also beautiful!

reeds in the siesta lake300509

There were several POPPIES growing, and I took a close-up of one flower:

poppy closeup

I liked this tree very much; someone has painted a picture of a cat sharpening its claws on it! It's as if the cat is inside the wood, clawing it!

tree with cat clawing pic
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