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More Human Beings on the Yosemite Trip...and two bridal veils....

While talking about human beings at Yosemite I completely forgot to talk about the fact that Yosemite seems a very popular spot to get married in! Just like my post about photo shoots in Forest Park, we saw this beautiful bride having a photo shoot while we were walking:

wedding photo shoot

The photographer's assistant was helping her bridal veil (like the falls nearby !) to float out in the wind....

(You want to see THAT bridalveil floating out in the wind? Here's the video...

I really like the fact that I caught TWO bridal veils on camera this trip!

By sheer coincidence, we later drove past the Yosemite Valley church and there this same bride was, walking out on the arm of her newly-wedded spouse....I heaved a sigh of happiness, and a prayer that everything should go well with the marriage....unlike the sad mythology of Half Dome, Basket Dome and North Dome :

Ahwaneechee legend about half dome

The geological explantion is this:

geological story half dome

But the legend is more heart-stirring!

And speaking of the wind floating out the bridal veil, the other lovely image of humans trying to harvest energy without despoiling Nature too much, was provided as we drove out of San Jose...

windmills on the way to yosemite 300509

I do love windmills, quite apart from the fact that they are a clean source of energy...somehow, the turning giants on the landscape are quite amazing. KM worked for a company which owns several hundred windmills in the Tamil Nadu area, and which sells the power generated, to the national grid. The windmill stand on land which has rich orchards, too. Wind energy should be truly called, like AnjanEyA or Bheema, the pANdavA .... vAyu putrA, or the Son of the wind...that's also an album by an American folk singer, Arlo Guthrie!
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