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Images from a walk

I have stopped taking MLC2 out with me on my morning walk these's summer, and I have to leave really early to get back before the temperature rises to uncomfortable levels, and I don't feel all that safe to be carting it around. But a few days ago, I did, and here are some random things that I caught...

A lovely Cardinal that needs the wind to move:

red cardinal windmill 150609

I took up a challenge that I have to prove...

I said I'd link up these pictures with matter if my readers see red, and curse!

A series of things that I saw on my walk...

If only this face on the tree could talk!

face on tree parkview stl 140609

Webs that look like those of the social spider :

social spider nests fp 150609

A wall that should have been a little taller, or wider:

150609 dented brick stl

A man who does not rate himself too much:

double zero tee fp 160609

A house whose owner has a real green touch!

pretty garden stl  160609

With this, I say, "beast_666, cheers!"

yippee no plate 160609

These lions are celebrating one hundred years !

university city lions centenary 160609

I did it, I did it! :)
Tags: photography, rhymes, st louis, verse, walk

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