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deponti to the world

my 2 cents

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My baby and hers
mother and child  200609

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A sight that spoke to my heart and soul...and to my viewfinder, too!

Thats the cutest pic i've seen lately. Thanks for sharing.
Btw,hows Eli's tummy now?

Eli's tummy...
And the aches and pains of her mummy...
Are both still not OK;
But, I do dare to hope,
As they learn to cope,
That good health will come their way!

Thanks Vibha!

Wonderful...no...much more than that...amazing picture...it captures not just the meaning you have conveyed but also the viewer's heart...truly touching!!

:) missing you VERY much here.

That's really the RIGHT word. Being with a baby is such a matter of touching her all the time...changing her, feeding her, holding her, caressing her...it's just wonderful.

Should have it blown up an framed.

I have never printed a single one of my photographs...yet!

Stunning composition. You seriously need to get that blown up and framed.

Thank you Pelar Queen! The whole idea of getting into digital photography was never to have junk photo stacks filling up the cupboards!

OK, so now ...maybe..I'll consider this one picture...


I could HUGGGG you for that comment!

Interesting that this is how we start out in life (assuming we have good loving parents). Pure love and comfort. But then we grow up and spend however many decades we have struggling with the world, all the while wishing we could regain what came effortlessly at first. What if ADULTS approached each other with this much love and trust?

Wonderful photo.

What *wonderful* words you've written. Why do we lose what's ours in the beginning? You've really made me wonder.

fills the mind and space

A beautiful composition - red radiating warmth, white peace, purple royalty (the baby of course) and the two in a comfortable protective embrace. You have indeed exceled yourself - both as an artist and as a grand mom!

Re: fills the mind and space

Lovely..I like such articulate compliments Veena!

Thanks! Yes, I really LOVED the scene and rushed to get my camera immediately...the biggest job was to get my daughter to close her MOUTH while sleeping! :)

Fantastic picture Deepa !!! It speaks a volume and it should be framed !!!

some one rightly said - life would have been more beautiful it it were reverse.. we start as old, have experienced brains and then turn adults.. then youth.. then babies and disappear into dear mother wombs with motherly love with us. At least we could have avoided the deserted parents looking for love at an age when they needed it more! This pic is just sooooo lovable. the red blanker added beauty and the tiring feeling on their faces!so many stories in single picture. (only thing missing in this pic is the joy on the face behind the camera)~Chandu

OK, Mr Benjamin Button! :)

Oh..the face behind the camera...was looking at the light, wondering if flash should be used, asking the mother to shut her mouth as it was totally spoiling the picture, etc! The joy was ...BEFORE thinking of taking the photograph, and AFTER seeing the photograph!

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