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Buildings and birds...

Here are two snaps that I like; they are both of birds on buildings, but it's the photographs that I like...

circular birds bldg 260609

birds on roof 240609 enright

Some of the detailing on the buildings and houses that I pass on my morning walk are so beautiful. An artistic touch speaks of the pride of the workman in the job being done...

Amazingly,someone actually had a sculpture of me enjoying my morning walk!

face rock st l 290609

And having enjoyed all the sights and sounds, I go back Om...

om on car 300609

I do enjoy the lack of dust, the good roads, the right of way that the pedestrian always has, the pathways that are there on all roads....oh, there's a lot of things about my morning walk that I will miss when I go back to India!
Tags: architecture, birding, photography, st louis

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