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Granny Song!

inspirethoughts sent me

this song

about grandmothers, and it's just great! (This one's in Hindi...A, if you can get the Tamizh version, I'd be very grateful!

She posted the Telugu version in a comment on

this post .

I think every grandmother wants to be like that! We do like to enjoy life. My GD is certainly the light of my life, and I am consciously trying to remember that I will be living far away from her, and sternly telling myself NOT to be too attached to her.

But, if you look closely at her pudgy, dimpled little will find me wrapped around it!

We are trying to see if we can take Kavya/Biddles to Florida to see her great-grandparents!

And while looking at that, I chanced upon this video of one of my favourite songs:

The visuals are less than wonderful, but the song is really lovely...thought I must say I prefer the Hindi lyrics; to me, the Tamizh words are a little awkward. "oru pOrvaikkuL iru thookkam" doesn't scan well!
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