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Creve Coeur Lake, 080709

Last Sunday, DnA's running group went to Creve Coeur's a view:

creve coeur lake 080709

It was an overcast, cool morning. (not great for photography, that's my excuse!)..I was the PIC (Perambulator-In-Charge)...I walked slowly down the path along the lake, making sure that Biddles was quite comfortable...but didn't quite let go of the camera, either!

The signboard gave quite a few do's and don'ts:

cc lake trail sign 080709

It was (of course, if I want to be outdoors!) rainy and overcast, and I didn't get very far; but it was enough for me to see just a few's the bird that

Dave Pierce

id'd for me as the


swamp sparrow female cc lake 050709

That was the female, and here's the male with a juvenile in tow:

swamp sparrow male and female creve coeur lake 050709

Don't mind the terrible photographs...have you shot one-handed, with the other hand gently pushing a baby in a perambulator, for fear she will wake up if kept still? :)

Here's a video I also managed to hold MLC2 steady enough to take:

I saw the first wild HUMMINGBIRDS that I have seen in Missouri:

humming bird 050709

And here's the little bird in its beautiful, typical flight:

I caught sight of several


at work on the tree-trunks:

dancers opening muny 080709

Some of the freshness lay in the tender tendrils, seeking their fortune in different directions:

080709 cc lake tendril

Some young leaves made it a little colourful:

new leaf cc lake

The white of the mushrooms betokened plenty of rain:


After everyone finished their run, we went to Westport Plaza and had breakfast at the

St Louis Bread Co

...just outside, on a distant building, sat two RED-TAILED HAWKS, with majestic disdain for the human dots far below:

red-tailed hawks on Westport Plaza cc lake run 080709

After breakfast, we drove through the

Lone Elk Park

but we did not sight a single animal! So we went to the

World Bird Sanctuary

...but all we had time to do was to see the captive birds there. Here are the


long-crested eagle

and here's the TURKEY VULTURE that I saw so many of in California:

turkey vulture wbs 050709

There was a magnificient


looking at us disdainfully:

great horned owl wbs 080709

A rather forlorn-looking


sat on its perch:

tawny eagle wbs 080709

No matter how well they are treated, it is somehow sad to see birds in captivity...but since, for example, the Eagle was rescued from a magic show, I guess they are leading a better life here than they were, wherever they were rescued from.

Why do some people think that our fellow-citizens on this planet have been put here only for our entertainment, nutrition, or convenience?

The image that stayed with me, though, was that of the serenity of this fisherman upon the lake:

fisherman on Creve Coeur Lake 050709

You can imagine how tough it was to keep one eye on GD, walk on, to keep her moving gently-- and yet keep that bird in the frame! I hope I am not the only babysitter-cum-birder-cum-photographer in the world!

Well, I am also probably the only babysitter-cum-blogger, because Biddles is my *second* laptop--having displaced the first-- right now, as I type this!
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