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Some more stuff from my walks.....

As I walk in Forest Park, so many images fall on my mind's eye, and only a few of them are on camera. This post is mostly for myself, to look at later and recreate those magical evenings when the light melted into the purple dusk, the air held a hush, and I felt totally at peace....

I see very few butterflies, but I managed to get this tiny BLUE...

tiny b'fly enright 200709

The latlong of St Louis, in the centre of Forest Park (this one's for Enoch, who's always been hot on latlong)

st louis latlong 20709

Another RED-HEADED WOODPECKER which briefly sat on that tree-trunk, just long enough for me to snap him...

red-headed wdpckr 200709 fp

A lovely wooden bridge over Des Peres creek, with summer flowers in profusion:

birdge in fp 160709

A tiny little inflorescence in the grass:

tiny flower fp 140709

The claw of one of the river crabs that's been eaten:

crab claw 140709

A dried-up flower, that still looks beautiful:

small seed bulb fp

Another butterfly of the "Blue" variety:

"blue" bfly 140709 fp

A mother duck and her brood, looking alertly at me before swimming off:

duck and family 140709

And several pictures of sunsets...asakiyume....they are for you...


sunset diagonals 140709

a circle:

sunset through trees fp 140709

a star:

sun through tree 160709


thundercloud fp 160709


sunset fp 160709

And this one is my favourite for the memory it brings back....the thundercloud was looming up, all the sky was a luminous mauve and purple, and the evening just glowed... the boat-lights shone dimly upon the waters of the creek, and the cool breeze was building up into a wind...dusk was a beautiful time to be there!

dusk and thundercloud fp 160709
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