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I'm rich! I'm rich!

I thought Gmail never let anything like this get into my inbox, but today someone managed to give me the good news, in spite of those evil people at Google who filter out all such good fortune!

"Your email ID was awarded (Ł1,000,000,00 GBP), in Tobacco Award Promo. Send
us email about your full infor. Name:...Country:...Sex:...Age/Tell Number:..."

So I am utterly rich, I will probably hire someone to count those zeroes,now! Why they want me to tell my number I don't know...

Reminds me of the Sardarji (Sardarjis are the Indian equivalent of the Poles, my American friends should know) who was filling up a government form, and came to the column where it said "sex", and wrote, "occasionally"...
Tags: humour, joke

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