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Glassblowing...a demonstration

I'd read in the paper about the

Third Degree Glass Factory

(here it is)

third degree glass factory

having a

glass-blowing demo every third Friday of the month

and decided to go...and it was extremely interesting!

Here's an account and photos on

the company's website

(If you scroll down, you will come to where the pics from the July demo are posted...and in pics 13 and 14, if you look behind the glassblower, you can see shortindiangirl and littl- Eli-in-her-car-seat!)

But of course I took my own pics and videos, and my videos explain the process better (because they won't show it all on their website, would they?)

The demo started with the compere telling us about the ovens, some for heating the glass, and the annealing ovens that are used for cooling the finished articles, the punty rods (the hollow rods on which the glass is "gathered" in layers and blown and shaped) and the marver tables on which the glass is rolled.

Two items are made in the demos: one, a large deep dish, and the other, a long vase.

Here he is, showing us the punty rods in front of the oven:

the punty rods

The glass is "gathered" from the oven, in several layers; the oven is around 2200 deg C! (The annealing oven is cooler..but badly made glass can crack or shatter in the annealing oven, too.)

vcollecting a gather from the oven

The glass is shaped in these receptacles of water:

The glass also needs to be cut sometimes:

cutting the gather 170709

One person blows, while the other shapes the glass:

blowing while shaping 170709

Here's the glassblower pulling out a glass horse out of the gather:

glass horse being made 170709

Sometimes impurities are taken out:

The entire demonstration was conveyed in sign-language for the hearing-challenged:

commentary for deaf

Slowly the vase begins to take shape:

shaping the glass

A blowtorch is used to shine up the outside:

firing the glass

Glassblowing is hot work, and frequent drinks of water help!

blowing's hot work! 170709

The glass is also shaped with wet newspaper:

shaping with wet newspaper 170709

Cuts are being given at the neck of the glass item:

making cuts at the neck

Sometimes the shape of the bottles means swinging around to shape the gather:

Blowing and shaping towards the end shape

Then, the critical transferring from the punty rod to the finishing one...

The vase is given more shape:

The glassblower uses a special too to blow more air into the bottle:

Then, the finished piece is cut, and a tap separates it from the rod:

To make deep dishes, the glass is, in a spectacular process, "flared out" and then swirled to give the waves:'

After the demo, we came outside to find a bluegrass band playing:

band playing

Here are some of the articles made:

hridaya kamalam in glass! 3rd degree delmar 170709

leg and duck in bath 170709

ducklings in bath 170709

This necklace, said the wearer, was made earlier in this studio!

necklace made here earlier 170709


wares for sale 170709

glass flowers 170709

glass tree ornaments

vases for sale 170709

bottles for sale 170709

They even have their message on their van:

learn to blow glass van

The finishing touch was when A told me to go and look at the toilets, I was delighted to find beautiful basins there, too...this was the most artistic restroom I have visited in the US!

washbasins in restroom!
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