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Jagjit Singh... ghazal....

From his latest album, "Inteha"...

AyinA sAmnE rakhOgE, thO yAd AoongA
apni zulfOn kO savArOgE thO yAd AoongA

bhool jAnA mujhE AsAn nahin hai itnA
jab mujhE bhoolnA chAhogE thO yAd AoongA

ek din bheegE thE barsAt mein hum tum dOnOn
ab jO barsAt mEn bheegOgeE thO yAd AoongA

yAd AoongA udAsi ki jO rut AyEgi
jab kOi jashn manAOgE thO yAd AoongA

AyinA sAmnE rakhOgE thO yAd AoongA..

When you place the mirror in front of you, I will come to mind
When you dress your hair, I will come to mind...

It's not so easy to forget me;
When you want to forget me, I will come to mind

Once, you and I were drenched in the rain..
Now, when you get wet in the rain, I will come to mind

I will come to mind when the moments of sadness come
And when you celebrate, I will come to mind...

When you place the mirror before yourself, I will come to mind... the album if you can!
Tags: ghazal, poem, poetry, urdu, verse

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