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Images of Summer....

Some images that struck me...these were in

Tower Grove Park

(can you imagine every park in Bangalore having a website?)

where we went on Saturday for

ASHA for Education

for their joint fund-raising initiative with

NetIP St.Louis

it was called "Pakoras in the Park".. Net IP has given some funds for ASHA and members of both organizations met over pakoras, chaat, chai and soft drinks....and I *think* also beer....

It was rather warm weather, but I loved the idea someone in the Park Maintenance Dept had, of painting the park seat to match the flowers....

090809 purple bench tower grove park

Here's the Turkish Pavilion (built 1872) where the event took place:

turkish pavilion tower grove park pakoras in the park asha 090809

And where there is a tap or a fountain, you can always find children enjoying themselves!

playing with water in tower grove park 090809

You can go to the Asha homepage, NOT click on the St.Louis link, downloads a Trojan virus....
Tags: photography, st louis, summer, weekend

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