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Waqt Nahin...

har khushi hai lOgOn ke dAman mEin,
par Ek hansi kE liyE waqt nahin.
din rAth daudthi duniyA mEin
zindagee kE liyE hee waqt nahin.

mA kee loree kA ehsAs thO hai,
par mA kO mA kehnE kA waqt nahin.
sArE rishtOn kO thO hum mAr chukE...
ab unhe dafnAnE kA bhee waqt nahin.

sArE nAm mobile mEin hain...
par dOstee kE liyE waqt nahin.
gairOn kee kyA bAth karEn...
jab apnOn kE liyE hee waqt nahin.

AnkhOn mE hai neend badee..
par sOnE kA waqt nahin.
dil hair ghamOn sE bharA huA...
par rOnE kA bhee waqt nahin.

paisOn kee daud mE aisE daudE,
ki thhaknE kA bhee waqt nahin.
parAyE ehsAsOn kee kyA kadr karEin--
jap apnE sapnOn kE liyE hee waqt nahin.

thoo hi bathA Ey zindagi...
iss zindagi kA kyA hogA?
ki har pal marnE wAlOn kO
jeenE kE liyE bhee waqt nahin.


ROUGH translation:

people have every pleasure:
but there is no time for a single smile.
day and night,in this world
there is no time for life.

we've experienced the mother's lullaby,
but there is no time to address one's mother as such.
we have killed off all our relations...
we have no time even to bury them.

all the names are on the mobile...
but there is no time for friendship.
why should we talk of others
when there is no time for one's own?

the eyes are drooping...
there is no time for sleep.
the heart is filled with woes...
there is no time to weep.

we run so much after money
that there is no time to be tired.
how can we bother about others' experiences
when there is no time for our own dreams?

you tell me, O Life...
what is to happen to this life?
when those who die every moment
have no time to even live....


My reply to the friend who sent me this forward:

mujhE khushi hai ki ApnE iss kavitA kO

mujhE bhEjnE kA waqt nikAlA!

zindagee kee bAki parEshAniyOn kE beech,

dOsthi nibhAnE kA samay nikAlA!

(I am happy that you took the time to send me this poem. In the midst of the other troubles of life, you took the time to celebrate our friendship.)
Tags: calendar, life, poem, poetry, urdu, verse

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