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Not even in this..... :(

Here I go again.

You have been approved for a lump sum payment of £750.000.00 GBP, in this
Year Toyota Global Award.Send us the required information as stated below to
file for claims.
Payment Department Email: (

1.Full Name:..............
2.Full Address:..........

KM, from behind me, sniffs in disgust. "You are so NOT there," he says disdainfully. "Now, me....I never get less than GBP Ten Million."

Nuff said. Here are two views of the water at Eagle Falls in Lake Tahoe, that we went hiking to....

These are the rocks under the still part of the water; I was about fifty feet away.

rocks under water eagle falls 190809

And this is the reflection in the water....

reflection in water in Eagle Falls 190809

More pics will follow, as I upload them....
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