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deponti to the world

my 2 cents

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I think my LJ has a readership of ONE....it would be better if I just emailed that ONE....!why am I spending hours online when all it would take would be an offline email, sent in a few seconds??

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I know V and I both read it so that makes it two for starters and you already know of one, that makes it three! :) I wish there was a way of telling how many users have read one's journal, instead of having to look at the comments one has received. We look at page views on our website to figure it out but I don't think LJ has that information. Please don't get disheartened, do keep writing.
- M.

Hey, thanks for the boost! It's OK, I do run some egroups where the members don't respond even when asked to..so I am used to it, most of the time.

Wish I knew what V and M stand for...well, I can guess M, methinks.

Will be reading YOUR LJ...and commenting!

V is for Venkatesh and M is for Maya! :) We are ze sistah and brozer-in-law of mmk. :D
We don't post on LJ directly, instead we have a syndicated account which can be subscribed to by clicking here : murthys. Comments, zey are always welcome!

Considering that when Deponti recently listed accounts she read, she got half that list (and excluded me, no less), I think a short session on how to use the LJ database and the profile page are in order....

Hullo !

I have left atleast two comments on your journal to which I got no replies !! You are very much a part of my "friends" page ....

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