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Emerald Bay,Eagle Falls Trail, and Inspiration Point 190809

We did, finally, manage to drive out for a bit of exploration; first, in the Lake Tahoe Basin

lake tahoe basin signbd 190809

we went to see the Inspiration Point:

inspiration point vista 190809

But the trail wasn't really suitable for walking with The Biddles, so we decided to just look at Emerald Bay and see if other trails would be easier. But Emerald Bay itself was quite breathtaking....

emerald bay 190809

Here's Fannette Island (variously named at various times), the only island in this bay with the incredibly blue, clear, water:

fannette island emerald bay 190809

The canoe in front gives an idea of the size and distance of the island.

We had the regulation tourist photo taken(taken by another tourist), but our tee colours made the pic a little unusual!

purple green,red,yellow, emerald bay 190809

We decided that the Eagle Falls trail was worth doing, for as long as GD would allow it...

eagle falls trail sign 190809

The walk was uphill as the Falls were over a shoulder of the hill; the scenery was so lovely!

eagle falls trail scenery

We finally arrived at the falls....

eagle falls sign 190809

There was a little bridge over the rushing stream:

bridge over eagle falls

The water just rushed along, throwing up sparkling droplets:

water in eagle falls

The rock formations were squarish, and the grasses blew in the breeze:

rocks and grass eagle falls trail

the blues of the new pine needles contrasted beautifully with the greens of the old:

colours of pine tree

I did find a couple of birds that I had never seen before; here's the


which Yathin tells me is the only tree-creeper in North America:

brown creeper eagle falls trail

downy woodpecker eagle falls 190809

There was also a DOWNY WOODPECKER on the same tree.

And I also saw a pair of what I later id'd (thank you, Dave Pierce!) as TOWNSEND'S SOLITAIRE:

male and female townsends solitaires on rock

Here's one of them, looking alertly up at me, even though I was quite far away:

townsend's solitarire eagle falls trail 190809

And here's a video of the bird pecking at the plant nearby; you can hear the sound of the rushing water!

I did see some rodents on the rocks, but they whisked themselves off before I could see clearly if they were MARMOTS. But I did get to see a few delightful little CHIPMUNKS:

chipmunk on the rocks

Here's a closeup of Rocky, the Chipmunk!

chipmunk 190809 eagle falls

this un id white wildflower looked so pretty, in that rugged place:

un id white wildflower eagle falls 190809

the scenery inspired photographers to photograph other photographers photographing:

photographer capturing photographer eagle falls

We left the Eagle Falls trail only at sunset...

sunset at eagle falls trailhead

The next day, we went to Falling Leaf Lake, and to Glen out to see what KM called the former!
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