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How to spot a bird

First, you look at the scenery.

birdspotting 1 190809

Then you see the bird.

Can you see the bird in the first picture? I assure you, it's there....

You have to look close:

birdspotting 2 190809

Then, of course ( well, this time I was a Solitaire too, but on usual birding trips, by this time your fellow-birders have moved on FAR ahead) you look closERRRRR:

birdspotting 3 190809 eagle falls

You take a quick foozly shot and run to catch up with whoever you are with, whether it's family or fellow-birders, wondering which part of the innocuous-looking landscape is hiding more birds now!

PS. the bird in this lot of foozles is a TOWNSEND'S SOLITAIRE....funny name for a bird that I saw two of! :)
Tags: birding, national park, nature, photography, scenery, st louis, travel, us visit, wildlife

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