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Some more birds...some common, some not....

I was in Forest Park with the Gangue members when I spotted this bird:

belted kingfisher 070909

Dave Pierce id'd it for me as a


...that was the first time I've seen one, let me see what my luck is in the future!

Well, whatever is said about the


I continue to find it a very interesting bird, like the very intelligent crows we have at here's one posing for me!

mockingbird 070909

I really liked the colours in that image...and it's difficult to say no to birds that don't fly off as soon as they see you on the distant horizon!

Then, there's this familiar iconic bird of St.Louis, but when I got an FS (Foozly Shot) of one eating berries, I have no qualms about posting it:

cardinal berries 070909

I must say, though that the


remains, like the Blue Jay, a shy bird that is not very easy to photograph...

The other bird on this post is one that's a migrant through this part of the world at this time. I got a very lousy shot on MLC2, and though I went back to Forest Park yesterday with the DSLR, I didn't get a single good shot, so I'm posting the FS here, hoping to replace it with a better one soon...before the birds fly away from Missouri....

common nighthawk fp 070909

That's the


...which, being crepuscular (active at dusk), I managed to see only recently, and wondered what it was until, of course, Dave talked about them and I went off to try and photograph them!

And finally, I found one motorist who had great respect for birds, and stated this:

I brake for penguins sign 070909

Well, if he's driving his car (notice I say that it's a man..hee hee) in the Zoo, I am sure he'll do the necessary braking....
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