deponti (deponti) wrote,

Twilight Images fromForest Park

Here are some photographs I like...

The Bandstand, which stands on a small island, with the Muny behind it to the right:

bandstand and Muny 120909

Twilight Tuesdays concert in front of the History Museum:

history museum fp 010909

Denise Thimes

singing at the Twilight Tuesdays concert:

denise thimes 010909

The "ballet" dancer in drag who dances every Tuesday:

drag dancer 010909

People dancing to the music:

people dancing history museum 010909

I've showed Twilight Tuesday, here's Tuesday twilight!

des peres creek reflection 010909

Another (yes, YET another) sunset, this time with the concert band that was going on one evening (Sat, 12th Sept)

fest in forest park 120909
Tags: concert, forest, nature, photography, scenery, st louis, sunset

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