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Kavya/Biddles/Eli/GD/Chubbins.....and quilts

The more I love someone, the more nicknames that person has...

Here's the "Fuzzy-Head Airlines" taking off or landing...

fuzzy-head airlines landing 190909

That quilt was made by one of DnA's friends from college.

biddles on her tummy 200909

The quilt in the photo above was made for her by murthys_r_us.... M is a super-expert quilter at this time, and she manages a baby, household and a very demanding, highly-skilled job as well!

Now we present a highly-skilled, intellectual conversation between dad and daughter, while Mother is shovelling in more calories to run off later:

I hope everyone noticed the serious tenor of the discussion.
Tags: anjana, conversation, daughter, families, friends, grand, maya, photography, st louis, video, youtube

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