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Moved to tears...

KM gave me a great gift recently...he recorded several episodes of "Rangoli", a program on


that is broadcast at 8am to 9am on Sunday mornings...for several years...I forget for how long... it's been a program that I never want to miss. Several anchors, including the very beautiful film star Hema Malini, and the present one, the over-coy and often-grating Jaya Ganguli,have presented a mix of old songs and information about them.

Once upon a time, we had only TWO channels...and we used to watch Rangoli, and the other immensefly popular program,


This is still aired on Friday evenings at 7.30pm, but somehow, I don't seem to watch as regularly as I continue to do with Rangoli.

The format has varied a little, and there were times when only the first two songs were good...but over the years, "Rangoli" on Sundays has become a rooted habit; before, during, or after the program, a long chat with itsalouwelylife will also happen, with discussions and giggles cementing the bonds between two sisters-in-law who feel more like sisters...N, you cannot begin to imagine how big a part you play in our lives.

Just now I was watching several songs, and amongst the gems, this one moved me to tears. Once again, I am up against the message , "embedding disabled by request", so just click on this link:

Thanks to inspirethoughts's help, (as usual) here's the video:

That contains the translation, too...thank you, A!

The haunting melody is memorable, and the melancholy lyrics speak of the evanescence of time and the opportunities to meet and love...and the incredible sweetness of love in the rain.

So many threads take shape in my mind from this....the beautiful voice of


...the importance of a sweet voice in music....

the golden era of Indian film music, in both Hindi and Tamizh....that flowering where wonderful music composers, lyricists, music directors and singers all blossomed together to produce incredible music (of course we tend to forget the not-so-good songs!)

When you click on that link, you can click on ANY of the songs that show up....all of them are so lovely to the ear. Such classic hits...

Here's another person's

words about Rangoli

Well, some people might have stopped watching Rangoli..but several times in the past few months, I have made excellent use of technology to watch Rangoli in India from, you ask?

Well, N and I both turn on Skype...and her camera and speakers bring Rangoli live to St.Louis! It's Saturday evening 9.30pm for us here, and 8am Sunday morning for her....and sometimes KM is there, too,visiting....

Music, poetry and beautiful scenery or photography can melt my heart to a mushy goo....and listening to the songs on Rangoli when far away from home does it every time.

And I think the knowledge of every additional language makes it possible to enjoy the treasures of the music and poetry of that language...I am thankful for a childhood that had me knowing four languages from the earliest time I can remember.
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