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Forest Park Balloon Glow, 180909

Last Friday, we went to see the

Balloon Glow

in Forest Park.

There is about watching these gentle beauties glow in the night sky, and getting ready for the next day...

The balloons are always colourful:

balloon closeup 180909

A lot of preparation goes into getting them ready...

ballooon being deflated 180909

We could use a lot of political speeches instead of propane to produce the hot air....

feeding the maw  180909

Hopes rise along with the fabric:

filling up

There were less novelty-shaped balloons this year than before, but this old-fashioned one still looked lovely:

old fashioned ballloon 180909

It was a crowd scene, though!

ballows in the glow 180909

The "Farmers" Balloon is not agricultural, but sponsored by an insurance company!

farmers' insurance co balloon 180909

This Pepsi can was hot and gas-filled, not cold and liquid-filled!

pepsi's can 1

Of course we also had to try out some junk food, so we went to this stall

funnel cakes sign 180909

and tried the funnel cakes, which is batter that's deep fried, and then has castor sugar drizzled over it, it's deadly with the calories!

funnel cakes 180909

In Hindi, if you asked, "kis kA bob?" you would get the answer:

pork ka bob 180909

We enjoyed watching several youngsters living it up!

high jinks 180909

Of course everyone bought a lot of the junkola being sold, and were literally glowing with the fun they were having!

head decorations 180909

The evening ended with more fireworks, perhaps not quite as spectacular as the ones on the previous evening, just a short distance away on Art Hill, but beautiful, nevertheless!

fireworks 180909

The next day, DnA couldn't make it, so I went alone to the actual Balloon coming up!
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