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Common Raptors in Forest Park

I went off by myself for an evening walk, and though the Great Horned Owls flew off too fast for me to get a picture, I did manage to get two raptors in the deepening dusk.


red-tailed hawk 200909 fp

...obviously calling to another one....

Here the hawk is, again in the act of preening itself...

red-tailed hawk on one leg 200909

I got a video of it, too:

On the way back home, in the gloaming, this KESTREL sat high up on a tree:

perhaps peregrine? fp 200909

A closeup didn't work too well in the fading light:

peregrine falcon? 200909

But raptors are always beautiful, no matter what time of day it is!
Tags: bird of prey, birding, forest, photography, st louis, wildlife

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