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Just wondering....

Call it the Housewife Syndrome (not having enough to do, so engaging in such thoughts):

I got the link to

this dance duo

See the way they do feel the fusion between them. So...what I wonder is, when two dancers dance *together* like matter what their it only a working relationship? Would they have to be lovers to give that sense of oneness? Or would mundane things like sweat and worrying about the choreography come in the way of a personal relationship?

I wonder this when I see ice-skating, and ballet routines, too.

One movie which showed the attraction between two singers, and then showed their happy marriage crumbling under the stress of one singer's success, was

Abhimaan (1973)

(this movie also a beautiful song about a baby-in-the-future.)

Having said that, I also know several purely professional relationships which have worked well, such as the one between




who, after they were featured as brother and sister in

"pAsa malar"

were only accepted as such by the Tamizh film-going public thereafter!

Well...whatever the reality may be...such dances, duets, ballets, jugalbandis, recitals...are wonderful to watch, or listen to.

So...what do YOU think? For one's talents to fuse into a synergy, should one's heart also fuse with that of one's partner?
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