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Balloon Race Forest Park 190909

I went alone to Forest Park to see the launch of the balloons, and it was a trip well worth it, to see these colourful globes rising serenely and majestically into the cloudy,overcast, intermittently rainy sky. I'd been afraid that the wind would cross the 10-miles-an-hour limit beyond which the launch would be aborted, but it didn't happen....


is an account of the race by the St.Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper.

Here are a few balloons:

diagonal balloon 190909

There was face-painting:

deb tracy face painting

face painting

One more:

orange and red balloon

and there was all the different kinds of food:

another one:

squares colour balloon

Everywhere balloons were being inflated:

balloon rising 190909

Some balloons were not to carry passengers!

captive balloon

Children had balloons in other shapes, too, here's SpongeBob SquarePants:

sponge bob square pants

It was a great time for photographers:

photograph at race

And cyclists:

tanden cycle 190909

Some people, were, of course, on the job, and alert:

cop on duty balloon race 190909

For a change, a Pepsi can was full of hot gas and not cold liquid:

pepsi balloon 190909

It was funny watching it float past the Port-A-Potty line (mobile toilets!):

pepsi over port-a-potty! 190909

The Energizer Bunny and the Birthday Cake never got off the ground:

190909 energizer bunny and b'day cake

And ironically, American Airlines were firmly fixed to the ground, too! :)

american airlines balloon 190909

(I would probably be the only one to go to a Balloon Race and take a video of the food stalls!)

A 180 degree view of the balloons, a few rising, and some already well away:

Here are several others:

fontbonne u balloon

This one was sponsored by Snapfish, which is a kind of cheese biscuit:

snapfish balloon

190909 balloon with flags

This one had the ship "Mayflower" on it:

mayflower 190909

Of course the "American" balloon was there, too:

stars'n'stripes balloon 190909

Here are three rising together:

3 balloons

I caught this one as it went directly overhead:

underneath the balloon 190909

As I left the field, I saw the lovely sight of this little girl and her dog, amusing themselves:

girl and her dog 190909

A very enjoyable afternoon.....I have never seen such crowds in Forest Park, and what fun it was to walk back past the cars jammed into loooong lines, on the way home!
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