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Facebook is SO irritating...

I often look at, and sometimes post photographs to, the

The Weekly Wildlife, Nature and Conservation Photography Contest

Being me, I commented on several of the lovely photographs for this week....and after typing in two-two nonsense words at a time, I was soon prevented from commenting at all, and was shown this message:

"Block! You are engaging in behavior that may be considered annoying or abusive by other users.
You have been blocked from posting on walls because you repeatedly misused this feature. This block will last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. When you are allowed to reuse this feature, please proceed with caution. Further misuse may result in your account being permanently disabled. For further information, please visit our FAQ page."

I really want to slam the idiots who write the messages for Facebook. Commenting on several photographs is "repeatedly misusing" a feature? "Engaging in behaviour" if I am doing something anti-social! "Annoying"..."abusive"...has Facebook never heard of courtesy? Even if they had to issue a warning, could they not use more polite terms? What crapola this is!
Tags: internet, rudeness, stupidity

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