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The answer to


is that...

Chandan and beast_666 were spot on.

I was trying to take this photograph from the back seat of Kusi and Madhu's car:

lights,leaves,man 041009

Don't ask me why, that image....lights, leaves, and the man....appealed to me very much, with the backlight (yes, shivakumar_l. So I clicked it.

Then, when I tried to get just the traffic light against the greenery, the camera focused on the dust particles on the windshield, and blurred the light...and the lovely abstract is what I got!

I have had SO much fun with my MLC, and now MLC2, I must say. Perhaps I don't produce the best photographs...but I am sure I enjoy my camera as much as

the best of photographers

...and am not bothered about technical or artistic excellence!
Tags: camera, imagination, photography, traffic

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