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Buildings in Philly...

Here's the view from my friends' home:

view from madhu's window

One building had lights to illuminate the others:

lights from a blidg 031009

distant philly downtown 021009

Here's one building that belongs to the Jefferson Institute:

jefferson institute

This one, near the Liberty Bell (more about that later) says, The Bourse, so it's the Stock Exchange:

the bourse

I was intrigued by the lighthouse tower on this house!

lighthouse house

This is the historic

Valley Green Inn

(The wedding I went to attend was held here)

valley green inn

This is the re-created long stable building, built with the same wooden joinery that the original was:

long stable bldg valley green inn


Philadelphia Art Museum

philly art museum 031009

I could never have guessed what this building was (in Flourtown)

philly cricket club

It was the

Cricket Club , estd. 1854!

philly cricket club signbd

I loved this narrow little old house:

narrow house

Another building that housed the

Hard Rock Cafe

hard rock cafe

Here are some of the buildings, including the

City Hall

city hall and penn st

A more panoramic view of the buildings downtown:

downtown sights 041009

Here's the Free Library, surely one of the greatest treasures for a Philadelphian:

free library

A video of a 360-degree turn on the steps of the Art Museum, at night, with a full moon:

And of course, the sight of the sun behind some of the skyscrapers was irresistible:

skyscraper silhouette 041009
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