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The Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul

Madhu just took me to the very beautiful

Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul .

041009 peter paul cathedral signboard

The gilded cross atop the dome beckons to the faithful (and the tourists):

peter paul cath cross 041009

My irreverent mind, of course, immediately added "Mary" to Peter and Paul and flew off to "Puff the Magic Dragon"...see this audience-inclusive rendition by the group:

Mary of the group recently

passed away .

Well, now that I went down that side-road and came back,'s the outside of the cathedral:

outside of peter paul cathedral

Madhu opening the lovely old door:

madhu opening door of church peter and paul

Inside, the dim vastness of the church instantly silenced our voices and thoughts; the peace was like a blanket that spread itself over us. This, to me, is what religion should be about...the spiritual uplifting that makes one's soul, mind, and heart go beyond themselves to something greater. I have felt this in various places...the most unexpected one was the Necropolis near Teheran.

Here's the scene that greets one's eyes on entering the doors:

inside of church 041009

There were several beautifully executed paintings:

lovely painting 041009

The stained glass in the cathedral was I wish had a digital camera in the six consecutive days that I visited the

Cathedral at Cologne ,

many years ago! the big striped cat said to the tourist who exclaimed that he'd seen a diger..."I digress!"

Here are a couple of panels, one from above the nave:

stained glass panel 041009

And one above the entrance:

christ stained glass 041009

Looking back from the nave, I saw the large and impressive church organ:

church organ 041009

On the side of the church were these sumptuously appointed confessionals:

ss peter paul confessional

I'm afraid I'm not a very devout person, because I thought of the several novels in which the murderer uses the confessional to aid his plans!

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