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I call her Biddly, with rhymes with idli...but she's more like a dosa, because (after turning herself on her stomach and not being able to move anywhere) she has to be turned at frequent intervals.

She is the first infant I know, who has decided to bypass evolutionary milestones, and achieve something remarkable. Instead of even trying to swim or crawl, she turns over on her stomach, and extends her hands....she wants to fly, not crawl or sit or walk.

She's learnt (at 5.5 months) that cereal paste in the mouth is great to blow raspberries through and spray the person feeding her....and then she knows to smile like an angel just after that.

She already knows that being put in her car seat means an outing, and the angelic smile and toothless grins abound.

She practices several vocalizations ..."nanna"..."pappa"..."mamma"..."thatttha..." on and on and on through the waking hours, punctuated by fairly animal-sounding growls and little throat-gurgles.

I am so torn apart, I want to go home, and yet, am finding it terribly hard to leave this little piece of my heart really does feel as if I am cutting out a piece of my heart.

Non-attachment...VERY difficult, indeed. I have got nowhere in my spiritual quest of release from the shackles of

Maya ....

I am beginning to pack.
Tags: affection, attachment, daughter, families, grand, love, travel

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