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Finding pleasure during a lot of pain

My trusty (and not yet rusty)

Canon 20D

with the

300mm lens

is charged up, ready and waiting. So, too, are my

10X42 Kestrel Meade binoculars

(alas, no longer available!)

of course, my



I am off to Bannerghatta by the first available bus tomorrow, to do my first lot of birding back home.....tralalalalala.

I want to forget the pain of the incredibly difficult treatment I have started for an abcess in my root canal, which means that the root canal is going to be re-done for the, yes, I am not kidding, FOURTH time. (My username on blogger is "molarbear"...that's why.)

The last three days have been very bad. Maintaining an establishment in India in absentia is VERY tough, particularly if one does not have obliging relatives. Fix-this and Repair-that and That's-not-working and This-went-awry chores have engulfed me in a tidal wave of trying to organize everything through a fog of lack of sleep and severe jet lag. answer to it all is..get away from it all, for a little while!
Tags: bangalore, bannerghatta, birding, camera, happiness, pain, photography, wildlife

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