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deponti to the world

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Turahalli, Galibore,Ramnagara
I had a wonderful trip to Turahalli, Galibore and Ramnagara with amoghavarsha, anushsh and sharathm....here they are, shadows in the sunset:

3 photographers ramnagara 241009

Anush, I must say, was a very reluctant co-tripper...

I find that I seem to have forgotten all the names of the common butterflies that I used to know very well. WHAT is someone with a bad memory supposed to do? It's awful...and a little worrying.

Well, while I hunt for the id's, here's a scene that appealed to me at Galibore on the campus of



In Tamizh, those earth-moving implements are called "maN vetti" (literally, "cut the earth"). They are in between a hoe and a shovel...wonder what they are called in English? "shoe"? "hovel"? :) (LJ user="asakiyume">, those Orrible Puns were for you!)

To me...that photograph is about wood....the living wood of the tree, bearing leaves, and the dead wood of the hoes and the window shutters...

But on a lighter note, what would YOU say about that hen in the window?

Though not productive in terms of number of bird-sightings, the trip was most enjoyable...even though I slept most of the time that I was in the car, as the jet lag and the strong painkillers I'd taken for the jaw pain joined hands to knock me out!

The sunset was painted in intense colours:

sunset ramnagara 241009

And a little later:

sunset 2 ramnagara 241009

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All my friends *instantly* teased me that I was taking "Asakiyume photographs"...you are quite well-known to my friends now!

Lovely pics. I loved the "Shadows" :)

Those are called "Spades", I think. I remember them being called so as a kid.

No... a spade goes into the ground ...umm...directly; it is thrust into the ground with a diagonal forward movement.

This implement is first raised above the head and then thrust into the ground with the front of the cutting surface facing the worker, and goes into the ground with a circular movement.

I have not described this properly, but I'm sure you understand.

I think I know what you mean, but I fail to remember the name. *thinking hard*

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