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A walk that I participated in, and another that I didn't...

While in St.Louis, I

walked for ALS

...and later just before leaving, I took part in the

Walk for Autism

on October 10th.

als walk balloon arch

The turnout for this walk was phenomenally large compared to any of the other fund-raising walks I have been participating over the years. Obviously, the problem of

autism in children

strikes a very responsive chord amongst people.

Here's the official tee for the walk:

als walk tee 101009

You can see just how crowded the walk was!


Another worthy cause which I could not join (I had already done an hour and a half of walking in the Park, and was meeting people for breakfast) was on Oct 17, the very next week.

This was the

Second Wing Lung Walk

Second Wind Lung Foundation

lung walk signbd 171009

This walk is to benefit those who need a "second wind" that a lung transplant can give them.

Here are the details of the walk:

lung walk details 171009

The slogan is, "Every breath counts"...and indeed it's up to us to make each breath count, not only for ourselves, but for those less fortunate than ourselves, in so many different ways.

Such walks help me realize the extreme good fortune that I have in my good health...

Walking for a cause is such a great way of combining exercise, meeting people, and contributing your litte mite to research.
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