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The Buck Stops...and Maidanahalli


is home to the threatened animal, the


Here's the stag ...front view:

blackbuck 011109 maidanahalli

And the reverse (the, er, white butt of the black buck!)

white butt of black buck 011109

(those white things in the pictures are butterflies!)

and it's great to watch these beautiful mammals running full-tilt

buck running 011109

just looking at us rather alertly but enquiringly

blackbuck does 011109

Or just running across the landscape.

As a kind of bonus at the fag end of the trip, Rajneesh spotted this


chequered keelback hunting frog 011109

with another snake (which we could not capture, it was underwater) it was hunting a frog...but nothing seemed to happen, and the only frog that we saw seemed to have got away!


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