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Two recipes for mAngA-inji (mango-ginger, which is different from regular ginger)

A friend of mine asked for mango-ginger recipes after my mango-ginger rice last week was a hit. Mango-ginger is available everywhere now and my friend Mythreyi had given me some, so I made some more.

If you want to make a nice batch of chutney:

peel and grate mango-ginger. (about 250 gms of it.) Add 5 tbsp oil, sputter mustard seeds, and switch off the gas and add chili powder to taste (I usually add about 4 tbsp to that much of ginger.) Add a pinch of asafoetida powder, and half a tsp of dry-roasted and powdered methi seeds. Switch the gas back to low, add grated ginger, and also add a little "gud" if you like (I do) close the vessel, and cook till slightly soft. It should not need blending...but do that if you like. Refrigerated, lasts a month...unrefrigerated...3 days.

It can be eaten with phulkas or parathas...or mixed with cooked rice.

Instant, crunchy pickle to go with thayir shaatham: Chop the ginger small, and put in a vessel. Make a kind of depression on top and put chilli powder and asafoetida powder. Heat 2 tbsp oil, sputter mustard seeds, and add the hot oil on top of the chilli powder and asafoetida. Add salt, and mix well. It's YUMMMMMMY.

Some people (like me) are instantly allergic to raw mango-ginger. However...I still LOVE this pickle. :)

You can add finely chopped mango-ginger to thayir shaatham itself, too.
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