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It seems to me that overpopulation lies behind most of the troubles we face in India today...the over-burdered, groaning, decaying infrastructure of our cities...the rampant corruption as high demand chases low supply..the wildlife-humankind conflict...the greed, and the need to make money quickly...road rage as everyone tries to get past quickly....

When I was young, the average school class consisted on 20 to 30, to send one's child to a school with that kind of student-teacher ratio, one must cough up a fortune.

Even where the system *tries* to be transparent, sheer numbers dictate cut-throat survival tactics....I was standing in the pre-paid auto queue at Chennai today, and was told by two or three auto drivers who approached me, that the queue would be long, autos would not be available, so would I like to take their autos...? Such blatant lying only means that the need to survive is a matter of great pressure.

The auto I got into went down a narrow lane...filled with stagnant water, and in extremely poor shape...I appreciate the pre-paid auto initiative, but the pathetic condition of the auto area made me feel very bad.

I will no longer travel by second class coaches; they have become crowded and the toilets stink...

My country seems to be sinking in the mire of its own inefficiency and corruption...
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