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Words on the Chennai Photo Walk

How many of us can so easily get Gold Medals or afford a Rolex?

gold medal rolex underwear 291109 cp walk

Are you getting that sinking feeling about your diarrhoea or constipation?

291109 chennai photowalk titanice underwear

You can have either shoes or cars as inner wear:

reebok and honda underwear 291109

If you can't have Reebok shoes, you can have Airbok:

airbok shoes

I really laughed at the "Poma" shoes, as "pO mA" in Tamizh means, "Go away, you woman!"

poma shoes

And if you want to be up to speed, you must have a Harley-Davidson cap!

harley davidson caps

"Law City" (the Chennai High Courts are right opposite) advertises by hanging lawyer's gowns!

law city with gowns hanging 291109

If they are selling discs, you have to buy them..."hear"!

avileble hear

Most of all, I loved this sign, which unwittingly gave the message that it IS wiser to wear a helmet... and itsalouwelylife asked if "glass change" meant currency coins that made of glass!

helmet wiser and glass change 291109 cp walk
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