deponti (deponti) wrote,

Just Happy...

I think I am the happiest and probably the luckiest person in the world. I have general good health (forget the occasional blips...everyone has them), great family, wonderful friends, the ability to be comfortable with who I am, and what I can achieve, the ability to learn (albeit, very slowly), I like people and am perennially interested in them....all this is incredibly good fortune...yes, I do have a fortune in my mind and heart...and it may long after Thanksgiving, but I do give thanks.

On the Chennai Photowalk, I found this beggar, whose crutches need crutches...

beggar on crutches

Now, would I call him lucky or not? Believe me, he was grinning at all the photographers, who all pressed money upon him... perhaps this appearance is his stock-in-trade, to help get photographers get their "artistic" and "ethnic" this-is-India shots!

Off to the Zoo area to have a nice little ramble....
Tags: appearances, bannerghatta, begging, happiness, health, humour, life, lucky, musing, thank you

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