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Back in Gauhati....

It's been a very memorable trip, and I am back in Gauhati,Assam, for the long journey to Kolkata, and then the long journey back home.

I'd say my wildlife trip was superb, and we sighted so many mammals and birds and were even able to observe them rather than just look at them and move on....

However, one incredibly sad image remains....the Namdapha National Park (indeed, much of the North-East) is just a travesty of what it should be, in every way....every one says there are no tigers left, forests are still being cleared for tea plantations, infrastructure has clearly deteriorated badly....roads are in awful shape, tribals are at each others' throat for a few thousand rupees, and I can see that I am looking at what is left of an incredible place.

I have managed to take vast quantities of generally lousy pictures, but true to my tenets, will be sharing them with you soon....

Yesterday's train from Tinsukhia to Gauhati was 4 hours late, had NOTHING working, and it was pathetic to see the state of the passengers in the sleeper class; in the a/c sleeper, our lot wasn't much better. Southern Railways keep their services in far better shape, I must say, than, at least, the North Eastern Frontier Railways!

Couldn't send anyone messages for Christmas, but this goes out in a heartfelt wish from me to all of you who celebrated the birth of the Child...

All of you be good... or at least, enjoy yourselves!
Tags: birding, india, sadness, travel, wildlife

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