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The answer to the

Wotzit of yesterday .....

resin droppings from the dhuna tree, deban, namdapha, 241209

There is a tree in the Namdapha area whose local name is "DhunA". This tree, when its bark is cut, oozes resin, which begin long "driplets" towards the ground, which can be snapped off. The resin is aromatic, and is often smoked upon coals to give off a pleasant smell.

Here's Bidyut Barua (Bidyut means electricity or lightning!), our really excellent wildlife guide, pointing out the sap on the tree-trunk:

bidyut barua pointing to the "dhuna" tree resin deban 241209

I had taken one of the solid "drippings", held it up to the light, and taken a macro shot for that "resin-scultpure" shot! So I guess it was sharathm who came closest to the right answer, though I found dakini_bones answer very interesting!

The water bodies of Dibru/Shaikowa, the attendant marshland and reeds, and the forests of Namdapha had so many wonders to I keep uploading my very-much-less-than-satisfactory photographs, I will share them. To me, the forests are a magical place....

And the best plus of the trip? After about 6 months...I had two weeks without even a TWINGE of pain from my teeth...thank you, Dr Sheela of R V Dental College! I am going back to complete my root canal/crown (yes, I am being crowned, you lot better bow before me soon or it'll be "off with your heads!") work....
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