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Disappointment...and Failure....

I've just had quite a disappointment, and am trying to put it in perspective. I've organized a reasonable-sized event, only to have one of the high priorities of that meet drop out, at the last-but-one minute...and I have done all I can to reverse the situation.

I feel as if I cannot organize anything properly, and that Murphy's Law will dog me forever. :( I know this is not true...but that's the way I feel right now.

So, to cheer myself up, here's very (to ME) nice pic that I got in Thattekkad.

We were all waiting near a pool of water, where our guide said many birds would come to dip their beaks for an evening drink, sometimes not even landing as they did so. (Yes, they did arrive; some splashed in the water, some just flew past and dipped their beaks in a quick parabolic appearance and disappearance.)

The light was fading. In the gloaming, I spotted something very beautiful.

All I've read about


up to now suggested that it was the 4 lines forming an "x"

signature spider lalbagh 061108

that gave the spiders that name.

But here was a lovely "signature spiral"....

spiral signature web thattekkad 080110

It glistened in the gathering dusk, and instead of waiting rock-still for the rare birds to arrive, I decided that this, too, was an important part of my Life-Under-Foot observations, and clicked.

What beautiful things Nature has to show us, if only we look instead of just seeing!
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