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Been travelling a lot...

Had just one day in Bangalore after returning from Thattekkad, and I went off to B R Hills.

Why do I go rushing to the forests like this? Here's one image that might be an answer:

br hills scenery 140110

While we were driving back, we found these cattle decorated for

SankrAnthi or Pongal

our harvest festival, where cattle are revered....(it's really a case of Holy Cow!)

pongal cattle decoratio 140110

This bordering of the eyes with blue seems to be something new, but we often found it on the cattle we saw...

And then we watched this procession, where the decorated cattle are taken:

140110 sankranthi procession kollegal

The man on the scooter is already extending his hand to give some money...the truck is also decorated...and the man in front is beating a single-faced drum to attract the passers-by's attention.

Our festivals are very colourful...and the forests provide a quiet, soothing contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city...both are wonderful parts of my life.
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