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I can't stand..

People without any sense of humour, who always try to take the joy out of other people's lives. Just when you are enjoying something, they will come along and say how foolish it is or how wrong it is or something like that. The colour goes out of your joy unless you are very careful.

Badly designed stuff (eg a bank cheque deposit slip which has a large space for the paise column, and very little space for the rupees.)

Packing for a long journey, and a long stay away, with the present weight and security issues.

The prospect of a long journey ahead of me, and the worry that I will forget to pack several important things.

The fact that I still don't have proper control over my temper or tongue.

The fact that I am not as good a person as I should be. Where is the grandmotherly serenity and maturity and wisdom?
Tags: grand, mother, musing, thoughts, travel

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