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A Bengali meal...and hospitality

When I visited Geetanjali's in-laws in the Uttarpara area of Kolkata, as we began our Assam/Arunachal trip, they were very warm and welcoming, and I felt instantly at home. Mashima (which would be "mother's sister" but a common way of saying "aunt" as a form of respect) provided a typical Bengali meal...well, I can't call it all that typical because it didn't have it is:

bengali meal at uttarpara, kol 171209

In the centre is the "bhAth" (rice) that is the staple of Bengali (as with most Indian) food, and left to right are:

Tomato chAtney, which is sweet (the word chutney comes from the Hindi "chAtnA", meaning, to lick or taste)


Panneer Alu Shuti (kodAi shooti is the name for peas)

bEgOn bhAjA (this is essential as the first item served even in Bengali weddings)

pAlok (green spinach)

small bowl: meeshti dOi (sweet yogurt)...another speciality of Bengali cuisine!

Here are mAshimA and Geetanjali, getting the food ready:

geetanjali and subir's mother uttarrpara 171209

We also went to visit DakshinEswar...but that will be another post, once again, with food featuring in it.

Yes, I did overeat on both the days I spent in KolkAtA! :)
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