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Turahalli, 240110

I just could not resist the chance to go birding to Turahalli with Garima on Sunday...and was so caught up with shopping and packing that I actually forgot to take either the 20D or MLC2! It was a change to go up the slopes just swinging my binocs in a carefree way, and asking anushsh to take this and that shot :) I might do this outsourcing of photography in the future too :)

So... all photographs by anushsh....I've just cropped and zoomed a little....

The sun was peeping out behind the new constructions as we reached Turahalli hillock:

turahalli sunrise 240110

The view from the hillock, of the eucalyptus grove, was lovely:

turahalli slopes 240110

We started by looking at the large banyan tree where earlier, we could not find the MOTTLED WOOD OWL as someone had put rocks into the hollow...but the bird was back, peacefully snoozing in the morning sunshine:

mottled wood owl 240110

In a nearby tree, we spotted the female WHITE-NAPED WOODPECKER:

female white-naped woodpecker

within minutes, first the male EURASIAN GOLDEN ORIOLE

turahalli oriole 240110

and then the female landed in front of us:

female oriole 240110

As I went up the slope, the EURASIAN EAGLE OWL, knowing that I had no camera, made its customary appearance, and was actually shooed away by a band of trekkers!

On the rocks, these TAWNY PIPITS made a pretty picture:

tawny pipits 240110

High up above us, a KESTREL hovered:

kestrel 240110

Anush caught this GREATER COUCAL skulking in the bushes:

lesser coucal 240110

The flowering trees were full of the tiny PURPLE-RUMPED SUNBIRDS:

purple-rumped sunbird 240110

as uaual, a BLACK DRONGO sat and posed....may be common, but such a handsome bird!

black drongo 240110

Anush captured the beauty of the backlit grass:

grass backlit 240110

I want to title the picture below...."Blue....Rock....Thrush." It's the BLUE ROCK THRUSH, but it's a picture of all the three things, separately, too!

240110 blue rock thrush female

Here's the bird list:

Babbler, Yellow-eyed
Bee-Eater, Small Green
Bulbul, Red-whiskered
Crow, House
Crow, Large-billed
Drongo, Black
Francolin, Grey
Kestrel, Common
Munia, Black-headed
Munia, Scaly-bellied
Oriole, Eurasian Golden
Owl, Eurasian Eagle
Owl, Mottled Wood
Pipit, Tawny
Sparrow, House
Thrush, Indian Rock
Warbler, Blyth's Reed
Warbler, Greenish Leaf
Woodpecker, White-naped

I'm sure I've left out some...G and A will correct me!

The only mammal we saw (I was some way off, and saw it running along the slope, and later Anush and Garima were able to photograph it!) was the MONGOOSE:

mongoose 240110

There were quite a few butterflies around, but most of them were in "flitting" mode, and so we were able to get only these...

the COMMON SAILER showed its iridiscent body:

turahalli 240110 sailer

the YELLOW PANSY captivated us with its colours:

yellow pansy 240110

the CHOCOLATE PANSY was more sober, yet beautiful:

chocolate pansy 240110

and this CERULEAN sat lightly upon the grass strands:

cerulean 240110

We did see several basking AGAMAS, but this lizard on a tree caught my eye:

lizard on tree turahalli

This lovely shot of the BARONET was very pleasing!

baronet 240110 turahalli

and I asked Anush to capture these "marks upon the barks" of the eucalyptus trees:

mark on bark 240110

A beautiful morning, which set me up for the long journey to St.Louis that I am setting off on today...see all of you in a couple of days' time, when I have slept off the jet lag and been reunited with my darling GD!
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